Scores turn out for Juice Robinson at autograph signing!



Scores turn out for Juice Robinson at autograph signing!

Juice Robinson greets huge crowd in Suidobashi; declares he will be part of World Tag League this year.

On October 19th, Juice Robinson participated in an autograph signing at the Tokon SHOP in Suidobashi. Over 100 fans attended the event, and Juice, who was nursing an injured finger and nose, drew concern for his well being. The ever cheerful & bubbly Juice waived away concerns saying in Japanese “It hurts a bit, but I’m fine!”

Since his move to Japan, Juice has been learning more and more Japanese and fans were very happy to be able to speak to Juice directly. Many fans wished him well in his pursuit of the US belt, but Juice said to them that his current focus was on the upcoming World Tag League which he will be entering with an as of yet undecided partner.

Fans came from all over Japan, one even traveling all the way from Fukuoka just to be able to shake his hand. Another painted her nails with logos and designs associated with Juice. The flamboyant one’s cheerful smile and newly clean-shaven look got a lot of his female admirers very excited and many brought gifts with them to help Juice settle into his new apartment in downtown Tokyo.

After the event, Juice spoke to the official NJPW website:

“After Ryogoku I was injured, I lost my belt and I was feeling very down but seeing everyone’s smiling faces and hearing their words of encouragement I feel better than ever! I’m going to enter the world tag league, but I’m not sure who to choose as my partner. With (David) Finlay I have a long history and great chemistry, but since he got injured, I’ve been teaming with Mikey (Nicholls) and he’s been awesome and has so much experience in tag team wrestling. It’s a bit like choosing between my little brother (Finlay) and my older brother (Nicholls)… Maybe I should just go for the (NEVER Openweight) 6-man belts instead!

As for my US belt, I’m not forgetting it. Lance is a monster, so I don’t regret my loss, but I’m going to get it back!”