IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team title match signed at press conference 【WK14】

Roppongi 3K, Ishimori, El Phantasmo exchange words in Tokyo Press Conference

With an IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship match official for January 5 in the Tokyo Dome, challengers and champions met at the Wrestle Kingdom 14 press conference in Tokyo on November 5. 

Challengers and Super Jr. Tag League winners SHO and YOH were first to comment. 

SHO: We won our third Super Junior Tag League, but had our trophies stolen from us. (Ishimori & Phantasmo) didn’t bring those trophies with them today either. I plan on ending this little rental period they’re enjoying with the trophies, and I’ll take the British Cruiserweight Championship (in San Jose November 9) as well. 

YOH: It was our dream, our goal to win 3 Jr. Tag Leagues in a row. They stole our trophies and broke our dreams. I’m mad about that. More than just a title match, we will head to the biggest stage and create the best of endings by taking our trophies back and winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. Leave it to us to send new vibes through the Tokyo Dome. 

Ishimori: Thanks for the trophies, ‘whatever 3K’. We’re fighting on Jan.5 with the titles on the line? Fine. I don’t agree with the result of the league at all. Come on, you won your third tag league in Osaka, and you hardly brought good vibes. Everyone’s sick of you. We have no plans on handing these titles over any time soon. 

ELP: Look at the graphic here. I’ve been saying we need to have our faces all over the posters and here it is. Look how good we look. Then there’s SHO and YOH. SHO is a guy that stares at the wall 90% of his day, and YOH puts a garbage bag on thinking it’s a sweater and calls himself a fashion icon. He likes toilets, poo, all that weird stuff, and that’s exactly what I think about the talents Roppongi 3K possess. Liger isn’t the only one retiring at Wrestle Kingdom, because we’re going to embarrass them so bad that they’ll be embarrassed to show their faces again. 

Questions from the press:

–To SHO and YOH, your thoughts about the champions?

SHO: Outside the ring, I really don’t know. But as a champion, to have taken the trophies the way that he did, I can’t allow (Phantasmo) to hold the belts as he does right now. 

YOH: I don’t know much about (Phantasmo) outside this year, but him taking fans’ hats and throwing them, he’s a punk. As for Ishimori, what I can recall from wrestling him, the cool guy stuff is just a front. 

–Ishimori, your thoughts on SHO and YOH’s bodies and conditioning?

Ishimori: They’re still nowhere near me.

–Phantasmo, do you have any special thoughts about wrestling in the Tokyo Dome?

Phantasmo: Special thoughts about coming to Wrestle Kingdom for the first time as a double champion? Ishimori last year had his first Wrestle Kingdom and he won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. I want you guys to know, I’m a big match player. I will outperform every other person in that ring. I couldn’t be more excited because I get to enter and leave as a double champion, and that will be a great chapter in my autobiography.