Wrestle Kingdom 14 theme to be provided by TUBE’s Michiya Haruhata 【WK14】

TUBE guitarist Haruhata to provide theme for January 4 & 5 Tokyo Dome events.

Michiya Haruhata, who has composed theme music for various sporting events in Japan including track and field events, baseball, and soccer’s J-League will be producing the theme for Wrestle Kingdom 14 on January 4 & 5. 

Haruhata’s iconic guitar sound will be heard on Wrestle Kingdom 14 commercials and in the building on both nights of Wrestle Kingdom!


Michiya Haruhata, composer: 

I’m incredibly excited to be composing the theme music for this momentous event, the first Wrestle Kingdom of the Reiwa era. With the world watching the title matches, and the retirement of Jyushin Thunder Liger, it’ll be a huge weekend that goes down in history. I’m looking forward to having my music convey my support to all the wrestlers in the ring in the Tokyo Dome!

Togi Makabe, NJPW

Haruhata is a friend of mine from the same home town of Machida. Sometimes we both go back to our home town in the suburbs to recharge, but in the end we’re two guys from the outskirts of Tokyo going in to fight in the big city to earn even more accolades! That’s why  I’m stoked for Haruhata to be making the theme tune for Wrestle Kingdom! It’s going to be awesome, and so are the matches in the Tokyo Dome!