Social Round-up: KENTA and HIRO trade barbs



Social Round-up: KENTA and HIRO trade barbs

As tensions continue to build, on the Road to the Tokyo Dome, many of NJPW’s best are dealing as much shade online as they are dealing blows in the ring. It’s time for the Social Round-Up to return and cut through some of the fog of automatic translation. 


After backstage comments from KENTA that he was putting his professional wrestling life at stake in NJPW, Hirooki Goto, who’s been the victim of the NEVER Champions verbal swipes and post match assaults through the tour, appeared to reach breaking point. ‘I have no idea what you think you’re doing with your professional existence. You’re putting your life on the line? Really? Then try and beat me! I’ve said before, I’ll take you on. Stop involving people who have nothing to do with it.’ (referring to YOSHI-HASHI, who KENTA has consistently brought up in non-complimentary tone). This has only served to tickle KENTA, who went on to damn Goto with faint praise, saying he was a ‘better writer than a speaker’, but at some point soon, this may all come down to who is the better fighter. 


As KENTA was riling up Goto, so Taichi was irritating Satoshi Kojima. After some harsh words from the Holy Emperor when he and Zack Sabre Junior beat TenCozy in Korakuen Hall, Kojima was compelled to write that ‘Maybe TenCozy look weak in the eyes of Taichi today, but he’ll learn a lot when he’s the same age as us. We have come to learn things he hasn’t. Feel things that he hasn’t. We know a hell of a lot, and we know that being able to still be in that ring is priceless.’

Taichi replied that ‘time comes for everyone, but if age is the reason that you can’t keep up and your conditioning isn’t there anymore, that’s on you. If you have the time to write so eloquently, maybe apply yourself better to your matches, senpai.’


More respect is commanded by Jyushin Thunder Liger. The final countdown for Liger is on, with fewer than ten matches left in his illustrious career. Starting on the current World Tag League tour on December 1 in Shiga, Liger commented ‘On the road in the company bus. This is my last tour on this bus. Thanks for everything. We’ll keep working together until the end of the road in Hiroshima.’

As time ticks down to the biggest event in all of professional wrestling on January 4 & 5, there’s sure to be contentious words shared in the weeks ahead, and when there is, the Social Round-Up will see you through it!