Kitano Ace & Toru Yano release line of Hamburg Steaks!



Kitano Ace & Toru Yano release line of Hamburg Steaks!

NJPW and Toru Yano are once again teaming-up with expert sauciers, ‘Kitano Ace’ in an exciting new venture! Not just content with lending his expert supervision to rich & flavorful curry sauces and aromatic ‘Nabe’ soups, the sublime master chef presents a new line of hamburg steaks! These hamburgs are marinated in deep and flavorful curry sauces for a luxurious dining experience in your own home!


Pre-sales begin Wednesday 26th February, and for a limited time only, customers will receive a special-edition Lunch Tote Bag, so that you can take your homemade hamburg steaks with you wherever you go!


Dig into a delicious curry hamburg steak today!


★ Toru Yano presents: Rich cheese curry hamburg steak

The most popular flavor of the original line of curries is back! The rich & mellow flavors of the cheese enhance the hamburg steak’s savoriness.


★ Toru Yano presents: Mild tomato curry hamburg steak

Succulent and juicy, the tomato curry flavor is perfect for kids and grown-ups both!


★ Toru Yano presents: Demon killer black curry hamburg steak

Taking inspiration from one of Yano’s most devestating moves, this spicy sauce is not for the faint of heart!


★ Toru Yano presents: Japanese curry hamburg steak

A taste of Japan, this sauce draws on the umami power of ‘dashi’ to create a wonderfully aromatic sauce!


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Special gifts:

Lunch Tote Bag

Gold & Silver YTR Spoons

King of Curry Spoon Box