Toru Yano takes KOPW2020 title at Summer Struggle

Yano picks up KOPW 2020, promises ‘fun to come’

Summer Struggle saw five title matches in Jingu Stadium, the first and most undeniably novel being for the provisional KOPW 2020.

Four way match rules were the stipulation for El Desperado, SANADA, Toru Yano and Kazuchika Okada, and as expected the action was chaotic, fast alliances being formed and quickly dissolved between all parties involved.
Eliminating a competitor to reduce the sheer volume of opposition was a key goal, and something SANADA appeared to achieve, locking Yano in the Paradise Lock for an age. Able to focus, SANADA and Okada each went for their respective finishing holds, but still Desperado’s presence and each man’s desire to win meant there was no decision rendered.
Until that is, a wild blow sent SANADA tumbling into the prone Yano. Now free, the master thief’s…. classical training came into play. When the referee was momentarily stunned by Desperado as he struggled in the Money Clip, Yano snuck in the back door. A low blow, a roll up and Yano pinned Okada, winning the very match the Rainmaker has invented, and becoming preliminary KOPW2020.
Post match Yano stated that he was you for some fun’, while Desperado seemed first to want to challenge. This is sure to be the beginning of a wild ride indeed.