The Bullet Clubs gains A Villain!



The Bullet Clubs gains A Villain!

“Every fairytale needs a hero and a Villain!!” These words shocked a sold out Hammerstein Ballroom for ROH/New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s War of The Worlds.


Those words were uttered by the leader of The Bullet Club, “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega. Those words set off a shocking set of events as Adam Cole, a member of the Bullet Club was officially fired!


He watched as “The Villain Marty Scurll popped out his trademark umbrella and unveiled that it had a Bullet Club logo on it


A stunned Cole stood frozen as his best friends, The Young Bucks superkicked him. As a groggy Cole fought to his feet, an umbrella was wrapped around his head courtesy of Scurll.



Scurll is now Bullet Club 4-life and Adam Cole is on his own.


The shockwaves of this will be felt directly in New Japan Pro-Wrestling as Scurll is now going to head to Japan not just as a representative of the Bullet Club, but a participant in the 2017 Best of Super Juniors Tournament.


As we know, the Bullet Club run in packs and this will certainly be one competitor who now has a psychological edge to compliment his physical tools. Did The Bullet Club’s Villain just better his chances of winning the tournament? The odds certainly are in his favor.