Tokon Shop Global Presents: Minoru Suzuki Online Meet & Greet on March 23!



Tokon Shop Global Presents: Minoru Suzuki Online Meet & Greet on March 23!

The most feared man in all pro-wrestling, Minoru Suzuki, is holding an online Meet & Greet on Tokon Shop Global later this month!

On Tuesday 23 March at 22:00 EDT / 19:00 PDT Minoru Suzuki will go LIVE on YouTube and will be answering your questions and autographing exclusive Suzuki-gun goods!

Fans from around the world will have a chance to ask Suzuki their questions and get a chance to grab some exclusive signed merchandise!



【How to participate】

Starting Weds March 10 at 3: 00 EST, (Mar. 9, 23:00 PST) purchase the following goods on Tokon Shop Global.


Autographed 2021 Suzuki-gun T-shirt [Pre-Order]

Autographed Minoru Suzuki Original Bath Towel [Pre-Order]

Autographed SUZUKI-GUN Flag Style Bath Towel [Pre-Order]


The following products cannot be signed during the event and will be distributed after being signed afterwards.


Autographed 2021 Gotch Style Piledriver T-shirt Black [Pre-Order]

Autographed 2021 Gotch Style Piledriver T-shirt White [Pre-Order]



Enter a message or question in the memo field at the time of purchase.

・ You can purchase goods even during the live event!

・ Please note that these goods have a limited quantity and will be discontinued when sold out.


Event information:
Host media: YouTube Live (New Japan Pro-Wrestling English YouTube site)
Date and time: Tues, March 23, 2021 7:00 PM: Los Angeles time
(10:00 PM: NY time / March 24, 11:00 AM: Japan time)

Participants: Minoru Suzuki


・ This event is planned to last for 60 mins.
・ We reserve the right to moderate any messages to Suzuki should the content be unsuitable.

・ If you purchase during the live on the day, or depending on the order of purchase, you may not have your question answered or have your goods signed during the live event. Autographed goods will be sent to you. We apologize for any inconvenience.

・Event subject to cancellation due to wrestler injury or other unforeseen circumstance.




* Reserved items will be shipped after May 2021.

* This item will be bundled with all other items ordered. If you wish to purchase other items and have them arrive sooner, please place a separate order.

* Please note that payments made via credit card and PayPal will be processed as soon as the order is made.

* Customers ordering from outside the US may be subject to additional duties.

* As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is a possibility that a significant delivery delay may occur.



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