CHAOS Wins World Tag League as Ishii Helps YOSHI-HASHI, Goto Tokyo Dome

Hirooki Goto seizes third Tag League trophy, YOSHI-HASHI his first

CHAOS’ Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI are the World Tag League 2021 winners, their victory coming via a new double team finish on Yujiro Takahashi in December 15’s final.
The victory was not an easy one for the CHAOS duo, HOUSE OF TORTURE pulling out every stop throughout. While Goto and YOSHI-HASHI took out both opponents early, and brought in Dick Togo for some bonus drum beating, an exposed turnbuckle would see YOSHI-HASHI in trouble. The Headhunter would be worked over with vicious efficacy before a dropkick to EVIL brought Goto back inside.
Goto came in with a flurry to EVIL before a yank of the heel from Dick Togo on the floor once again put CHAOS in danger. EVIL would wrench Goto’s knee, punished in his last league match with Dangerous Tekkers, and stretch it in the Darkness Scorpion; though YOSHI-HASHI would provide enough support for the Goto Goto Hunter, a frantic exchange would see all four men crash to the mat.
Goto would fire back with the reverse GTR, but with typical timing, EVIL made sure the referee was drawn as Togo attacked with his steel wire. Yujiro too would avoid the wrath of YOSHI-HASHI, biting his way out of trouble and hitting the Miami Shine to YOSHI-HASHI, who refused to give in. The Headhunter kicked out of Pimp Juice, and as the frustrated Takahashi grabbed his cane, Goto made the save with Ushigoroshi to EVIL, and the GYR on the Pimp.
Shoto followed up, but just as the referee was set to count three, he was pulled from ringside. On cue, EVIL grabbed a chair and set to work, but Tomohiro Ishii would hit the ring to tear through the interfering EVIL and Togo and bring the match to two on two. Yujiro was left in CHAOS clutches, and though he held on almost admirably, would fall to the Violent Flash and then a Shoto variant dubbed Naraka (lit. Depths of Hell) for the win.