Robbie Eagles Falls Short in Mexico Challenge

Dragon Rojo Jr. retains CMLL World Middleweight title

August 12 saw Robbie Eagles challenge for his first CMLL Championship in Arena Mexico, as battled Dragon Rojo Jr. for the CMLL World Middleweight title. Eagles would be seconded by Guerrero Maya Jr., while Dark Magic would accompany the champion; though Eagles was positioned as the fan favourite going into the bout, Rojo had more than his fair share of cheers from the Mexican crowd. With August 19 seeing the Grand Prix 2022, where Mexico’s best collide with international stars, Eagles was perhaps aware of the partisan crowd, and had a little bit of a rudo edge to him as he slowed the champion’s advances. 


As Eagles held control of the bout, he looked to finish off the champion with a 450 to the legs and set up the Ron Miller Special. Rojo was able to avoid disaster on the 450 though, and as Eagles tried to renegotionate the leg of his foe, Rojo landed a kick to the back that would also see the referee bowled over. eagles took advantage of the situation, tugging on Rojo’s mask and sneaking a small package as the ref came to, but Dark Magic would break up the pin. 
The official would admonish Dark Magic, and Eagles would get involved in the debate. Rojo would take advantage of the distraction to roll Robbie up with a school boy and retain. Eagles now hasd to reforcus on the Grand Prix next week, where he represents NJPW alongside Rocky Romero and Tiger Mask.