Wato Holds the Bag at Four Way Press Conference 【WK17】

Wato left alone after a mass exodus from Tokyo Dome press conference

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The first official Wrestle Kingdom 17 press conference on October 11 saw the IWGP World Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Championship matches formally announced for January 4 2023. With Taiji Ishimori defending his title against master Wato, El Desperado and Hiromu Takahashi in a four way match at the Tokyo Dome, this was the first conference to take center stage, and Master Wato was first to make comment. 

Master Wato: Last night in Ryogoku, I pinned the champion Taiji Ishimori in the middle of the ring. I have to be honest that I wanted a straight single one on one rematch for the title. Nonetheless, I will be in a four way for the title in the Tokyo Dome. In the end, I will be the one with the belt around his waist. 

Wato’s comments drew sarcastic applause from El Desperado and Hiromu Takahashi, who was next to speak. 

Hiromu Takahashi: I didn’t get to say a single word in the ring last night, but I got into the four way anyway. That makes me Mr. Lucky of the modern era, doesn’t it? A four way. It’s been a while. When I think about IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship four ways, I think back to the one I had five years ago. Now five years on, I get to be here at this press conference announcing another four way. I’m happy to be here. I’m lucky to be here. I think you can really call me Hiromu ‘Lucky’ Takahashi. 

I do want to take the time to say what I couldn’t yesterday. First of all, I haven’t had that belt for a year and a half, and I want it more than anything. I was inspired by Titan as well, who made that trip all the way from Mexico in secret to do what he thought he should. And for Master Wato, for stepping up and beating Ishimori while KUSHIDA was out sick, I have to say you’ve become more interesting in my eyes.

Right, anybody got a pr0blem with me challenging? I’ll show you the cutting edge of professional wrestling today, and become champion. That’s all. Oh wait! Give me a second. I did see that there was some talk online about visiting the lovely town of Miyakojima. I wanted to be in on this so I made a little plan here. 

Hiromu proceeded to pass out fliers for a “Miyakojima tour” for the four wrestlers.

The flier was four a two night three day tour ‘sometime in 2023’, paid at the champion’s expense, where wrestlers should bring ‘swimsuits and pocket money’. By way of explanation, Hiromu continued: ‘If you can all have a laugh, then that’s all that matters. Thank you.’

 El Desperado: Well, let’s see here. I thought there would be a title match and it turned into some kind of ‘assessment’. The champion had to carry that on all through the last tour, and then it turned out (KUSHIDA) couldn’t make the last match. Illness, it is what it is. Right when you think there’s no juice, here comes someone putting his hand up for a special single match. Now, me personally, I don’t see the point of a “special single match” or a stupid “assessment” when we can do a title match. I would have said all that yesterday, but I really didn’t think (Wato) would win. Then Hiromu grabs the mic, and I figured if he talks he’ll be blabbing for 15, 20 minutes and I won’t get to say my piece, so I dinked you. All that, and I get into this four way anyway, come on champion, you need to have a firmer hand here. 

If I’m honest, I’m shocked. Hiromu said it would be another two years for him. Me when I had a title match with the kid I felt it wouldn’t be quite that long. But at this point, for him to already get a win over Ishimori, that’s an honest surprise. 

As for a four way, when I’ve been in tag three ways and four ways before, tactics are one thing, but having two guys legal at a time is no fun to me. I don’t know about falls count anywhere, but I want to have us all legal at the same time. 

Now as for Miyakojima, I said I wanted to go to the Blue Turtle restaurant, and then Wato jacked the whole thing. I don’t want a part of this if he’s in on it. 

Wato: But I hear Blue Turtle is really good. I kinda want to go.

Desperado: Nope. You aren’t coming. Sorry. You can only come if you’re just there to take pictures. 

Wato: I don’t know…

Hiromu: Can you… I didn’t think you would take the bit this far it’s a little embarrassing. 

Desperado: You made this thing, right?

Hiromu: I was just happy to rib you guys with the flier, to be honest. It did take me a while to make and everything, so thank you.

Desperado: You did a semi-transparency on Wato and everything.

Wato: I think I should be the one who’s embarrassed. 

Desperado: Damn straight. Ishimori, follow that.

Taiji Ishimori: I’ve got a lot on my mind, but first, this four way. Miyakojima’s favourite son Desperado wants a rematch. Wato beat me yesterday. Hiromu said his piece. So fine. You can say that all these guys are very qualified challengers. It isn’t like me to say this, but at the Tokyo Dome, we’ll show all those people watching exactly what junior heavyweight wrestling is about. But there won’t be a happy end, because in the end, I will be breaking all three of you!

Before a photo shoot could be conducted, Hiromu would grab the mic for a clarification. 

Hiromu: Desperado was talking about tags in a four way, I’ve never heard of that.

Desperado: When we’ve done tag team three ways and four ways there’s always been tags and two guys in.

Hiromu: This is singles, so it’s got nothing to do with it. Five years ago when I had a four way everyone was all over the place. 

Desperado: Oh for real?

Hiromu: Right. In 2018 it was like that. I don’t know if something’s changed but I think you’ll enjoy yourself.

Desperado: OK great. Now this tag match. How do we all get along for that? (referring to Osaka November 5 where tag teams will be decided by random drawing).

Ishimori: Yeah, the hell is up with that? 

Hiromu: I guess they decide some way to figure out who teams with who. I don’t want to do it.

Desperado: Right? I don’t want to be in the same corner as Hiromu unless its Masashi Takeda and Jun Kasai opposite. 

Hiromu: I guess we’re stuck.

Wato: I don’t want to team with anyone either.

Desperado: You can shut your ass up.

Hiromu: Eh, I’d team with Wato, I guess. 

(As Desperado, Wato and Hiromu argues, Ishimori left the press conference).

Wato: I’m out.

Hiromu: In that case, I’m out.

Desperado: Wato, Hiromu said he’d team with you.

Hiromu: I changed my mind. 

Desperado: I’m out then. 

Desperado left, despite pleas from Wato for the photo shoot. Hiromu moved to do the shoot with Wato before leaving himself, Wato posing alone to end the conference.