Eddie Kingston retains STRONG gold on Dynamite 【NJoA】

Kingston scores first defence

August 31’s edition of AEW Dynamite saw an NJPW Championship on the line, Eddie Kingston looking to secure his first defence against Wheeler Yuta of the Blackpool Combat Club. 

Heading into the match mere days from a bloody and violent Stadium Stampede match at All In in Wembley, Kingston was heavily bandaged as he got into the ring, landing an early shot on Yuta but immediately feeling the effects as Yuta targeted the champion’s taped up right elbow. Yuta stayed on the arm, ripping the tape off the injured body part to inflict more harm as he drove Kingston into the ringpost on the outside. 

Kingston continued to labour underneath a vicious challenger, who bit at the head of the champion in the corner. That only served to anger Eddie though, and a right hand would see Yuta spill to the floor where he was met with a tope suicida. Kobo chops and an exploder suplex followed for two, but a backfist was denied by the challenger, who got a nearfall off a German suplex. A splash off the top though would be met by the knees of the champion, who uncorked a Saito suplex, but couldn’t secure an effective cover with the injured arm.

Yuta capitalised with a water wheel suplex but once again made an unforced error when getting in the face of Kingston. Yuta ate two vicious chops, but caught the arm on a third and landed hard elbows; once again this only served to anger the champion, who got a half Nelson suplex and two consecutive Uraken backfists for the three.