OFFICIAL – Robbie Eagles has left BULLET CLUB and joined CHAOS!



OFFICIAL – Robbie Eagles has left BULLET CLUB and joined CHAOS!

Following a month of growing dissatisfaction from Robbie Eagles with the methods of BULLET CLUB and their newest signing, El Phantasmo in particular, he announced his resignation in memorable form in NJPW: Southern Showdown in Sydney.


Last year, Will Ospreay had invited Eagles to join him in Japan and Chaos by way of passing him the Japanese flag from his Wrestling tights. Eagles decided to accept his offer to come to Japan, but decided to throw his lot in with the villainous BULLET CLUB. Robbie Eagles has always been somewhat of an odd fit in BULLET CLUB, the proud Australian is known for his sportsmanlike behaviour and his mentorship of young Australian talent. Eagles saw success in the Best of Super Jr. tour and was more than happy to help his fellow stablemates achieve victory in the ring, he has rarely, if ever been part of the stable’s more notorious antics.

The situation started to reach boiling point in May 2019, when it was announced that El Phantasmo was to join BULLET CLUB. Whilst Phantasmo was also a respected and liked wrestler, when he was fighting on the independent scene, upon joining BULLET CLUB he embraced the new culture wholeheartedly. Turning his back on former friend, Will Ospreay, Phantasmo proceeded to cause havoc and mayhem during the Best of the Super Jr. 26 tour, destroying fans’ property (including boards made to encourage him), spitting on his hands before the traditional pre-match handshake, interrupting matches, bullying referees and being a general nuisance. It was the interference that particularly annoyed Eagles, whose pride was damaged when El Phantasmo intervened in his matches to gain victory and when the two went head to head, Phantasmo used the sort of underhanded tactics BULLET CLUB normally reserves for their enemies.

By the time the BOSJ finals came around, it was clear Eagles was being overshadowed by Phantasmo and the two quarreled backstage. A few days later, Ospreay was the new IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion and subsequently called out Eagles to be his first challenger. Upon the match being confirmed by IWGP officials, the sniper of the skies returned to Australia to focus on his upcoming match. Said match on June 29 in Melbourne, featured El Phantasmo once again interfering in his match attempting to get the win for the stable, but this time, Eagles stopped him. After a tense standoff, Eagles vented his frustrations by punching Phantasmo in the face.

Having had the night to sleep on matters, Eagles took part in the main event in Sydney, June 30 when he made a fateful decision post match. Here’s how events played out:

Having lost a second main event in a row in his own “backyard”, the New Zealand born, former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and leader of the BULLET CLUB, Jay White took out his fury on Will Ospreay.

To add insult to injury, White procured a chair from under the ring and attempted to hurt Ospreay.

Seeing the need to also make Eagles prove his loyalty to the faction, White ordered Eagles to assault Ospreay instead. Eagles hesitantly raised his hand in a “too sweet” salute.

When Eagles refused to ultimately go through with the assault, an irate White slapped Eagles, as the crowd cheered Eagles, him having done the honorable thing.

White reverted to his original plan, but enough was enough and Eagles announced his resignation from BULLET CLUB by means of a thrust kick to the leader’s face.

Eagles helped Ospreay to his feet as White, now incandescent with rage, looked on.

The two then proceeded to silence the BULLET CLUB leader by kicking him in the face.

As well as by means of an OsCutter. Eagles later delivered a 450 splash to White as well.

Having dispatched their foes, who were left impotently screaming outside of the ring. Ospreay once again offered Eagles the Japanese flag from his former costume, inviting him to join him in Chaos.

Eagles accepted the invitation and the two embraced in the ring.

Afterwards, the three winners and Eagles joined hands in the ring, much to the delight of the audience.

The IWGP Heavyweight champion, Kazuchika Okada, the leader of CHAOS himself welcomed Eagles into Chaos as his former rival, Hiroshi Tanahashi applauded approvingly.


How long will Eagles remain in CHAOS? How will Jay White and the other members of BULLET CLUB respond? Only time will tell.