The Social Round-Up: G1 keeps getting hotter! 【G129C】



The Social Round-Up: G1 keeps getting hotter! 【G129C】

The G1 continues to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, from wrestlers to fans. Except for someone who has a grander task in mind perhaps, as we shall see in this week’s round-up: 

Last week, the G1 hit Korakuen Hall for three consecutive days of action. The A Block would have two group matches in the Hall, and KENTA was victorious both nights, even in a hostile crowd. KENTA was gracious in social media, stating after his win against Lance Archer: ‘It’s been five years since I wrestled in Korakuen Hall. The atmosphere, even the smell of the place brought back memories. Thank you.’

Hiroshi Tanahashi had a good pair of evenings in Korakuen as well, beating Zack Sabre Junior and Archer to get his first four points in the tournament. With both opponents he went back to basics, with roll-ups against the run of the matches. Up next he has the LIJ pair in consecutive matches, with SANADA followed by EVIL. If anyone can help teach Tanahashi the best way around EVIL’s Scorpion Deathlock, it would be the recently retired Riki Choshu, who took time out to train with The Ace last week. 

‘This picture got put on Choshu’s blog. He came by the Dojo today and we took this picture together. “what’s the finger deal?” “It’s a pose I do in the ring”, “ah, Ok.”‘

Over in B Block, Shingo Takagi left Korakuen positive, having moved to four points, and achieving a task that Tetsuya Naito couldn’t pull off: defeating Taichi. Shingo took his lumps though:

‘As expected, I’m still feeling it. He kicked me so hard, my face is all swollen…’

Taichi came out on the losing end of that match but is now looking ahead to Hirooki Goto. Taichi and Naito both seem to enjoy making fun of Goto’s representing the L.A. Dojo… Or maybe they really do think he’s reinvented himself as a luchador by the name of LaDojo.

‘I don’t usually watch other people’s matches, but I wanted to see how much (Goto) has changed, so I checked out LaDojo versus Naito. I hear that’s his thing now, LaDojo. He misses a tour and now he’s losing on the regular. Maybe he’s facing demotion at this point. Perhaps he’ll go back down to being a Young Lion? That sounds about right, LaDojo!’

Meanwhile, Bad Luck Fale was left thinking his count out loss to Zack Sabre Junior was due to outside intervention. Waaaaayyyy outside. Maybe Fale and G1 training partner Chase Owens could do well to remember the wise words of Karl Gotch: 

‘Never lie.

Never cheat.

Never quit.