Strong Style Shopping: This week’s new releases (Nov. 22, 2019)

As the Tokyo Dome and Wrestle Kingdom 14 draw closer and closer, NJPW is gearing-up for a huge release of new merchandise. Get ready for some awesome new goods in the coming weeks! In the meantime, this week sees a new Liger hoodie as well as some amazing new merch coming out from our licensees in Japan.

For all the latest New Japan goods, check out the New Japan Shop site (now in English!)


Jyushin Thunder Liger – Liger the Final hoodie – ¥6,000 (incl. tax)

With Jyushin Thunder Liger’s retirement only 6 weeks away, grab his hoodie while you can! On sale in Kawasaki on November 23 and from the online store starting November 26!
Jyushin Thunder Liger jeans!
Our friends at Yuki Hero Pro Wrestling , the brand that makes everyone a hero, have come out with these new Jyushin Thunder Liger jeans, take a look at their home page for more information!



New NJPW goods released by Shimamura!

Stylish and affordable, our friends at Shimamura are making NJPW goods for everyone! Available from stores all around Japan!


NJPW Bath towel – ¥780

That’s right! Only ¥780 for this awesome towel!


Shimamura Happy Bag – ¥3,000

In an unbelievable deal, Shimamura are offering a Happy Bag of 5 items for only ¥3,000!! Available in sizes from M all the way to 4XL. The set includes:

  1. Cotton jacket – In black & camo, this jacket is comfy & easy to wear!

       2. Sweatshirt – With the lion mark on the front, prepare to get comfy

       3. Sweatpants – Comfortable, black, perfect for everyday wear!

       4. Bag – How else are you going to carry all these incredible deals home?!

       5. Neckwarmer – Perfect for the winter months!

★Check the nearest Shimamura stores here: