World Tag League Update: night 6

Three teams top World Tag League table with three matches left

Fujisawa saw the sixth night of World Tag League action on November 28, with Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano, Shingo Takagi & SANADA, and Dangerous Tekkers ending the evening tied at the top of the table with eight points, while HenarACE remain last with two. 

Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb showed the power of THE EMPIRE early against Toru Yano and Tomohiro Ishii early, with Cobb suplexing both Yano and Ishii out of the ring for O-Khan to deal greater damage on the floor. The duo kept pressure on Yano until a handful of Cobb’s hair gave Yano the chance to tag Ishii in. The Stone Pitbull misdirected Cobb into O-Khan, and kept hitting and moving until Cobb landed a dropkick and belly to belly; Cobb manhandled Ishii until a desperation German suplex from the CHAOS member. 

With tags made both sides, O-Khan tore into Yano with Mongolian Chops before he and Cobb sent Ishii out of the ring. A side suplex led to a head and arm choke on Yano from O-Khan that Ishii barely made the save for; Ishii again prevented O-Khan’s Eliminator, and with a lariat and roll-up, the CHAOS side moved to eight points. 

Both teams in the third match of the night were in must win situations, with HenarACE and Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens unable to afford another loss. Tanahashi and Henare had the upper hand in the early stages, but Fale’s brute force saw Henare on his back, and Owens took full advantage. Henare was able to make the tag to Tanahashi after a big shoulder tackle, but Owens dug deep to lariat the Ace and keep the match under BULLET CLUB control. 

While Tanahashi was unable to out power Fale alone, he and Henare were able to land a double suplex to the Rogue General. Henare landed a big headbutt and lariat to his countryman and went for a Toa Bottom, but Owens made the cut with a big knee, and the Grenade Launcher was the result, sending HenarACE out of the running. 

Back from break, it was EVIL starting before the bell and attacking Taichi, leading to a late Zack Sabre Jr. rushing to make the save. That done, Dangerous Tekkers took great pleasure in working over EVIL, but when Yujiro removed the BULLET CLUB corner pad, hard shots to the steel followed. 

EVIL and Yujiro brutally worked over Sabre in ring and out until a Cobra Twist and neck snap to EVIL brought Taichi in. The Holy Emperor took over with a hick kick to EVIL and Ax Bomber to Yujiro; Dick Togo intervened with a trip from the floor, but this only angered Taichi as he went for Yujiro’s throat. 

As the match broke down, ZSJ blocked an EVIL attempt on Taichi but found himself shoved into the referee; Taichi thwarted Yujiro’s attack with his cane, and Sabre stopped Togo’s appearance with the Spoiler’s Choke, but caught a low blow. Taichi kicked EVIL low in kind, but was struck with Yujiro’s cane, allowing for an InterCollegiate Slam. Sabre blocked Pimp Juice and got two from a Japanese leg roll clutch, before Taichi was able to enter for long enough to land Zack Mephisto for the three.  

Clear at the top of the table going into the night’s proceedings, Shingo Takagi and SANADA were looking to extent their lead over a FinJuice side that badly needed to improve their own standing. Well aware of their position, FinJuice connected well with fast tags and offense peppered at SANADA, until a quick entrance from Shingo instantly changed the flow of the match. 

The pace and power of the LIJ duo had Finlay in trouble until he was finally able to duck a Takagi right to bring in Juice. Robinson took over on both opponents, but the Left hand of God met Takagi’s own left in the form of the Ryukon Lariat instead. Tandem Dragon sleepers from SANADA and Shingo followed, but Robinson summoned the strength for a huge powerbomb to SANADA and brought in Finlay. 

Shingo resisted a Doomsday Device from last year’s WTL winners, and he and SANADA connected for the Noshigami and Ace Crusher combination the team called Skull Crusher. Juice would cut Shingo off though, and a superplex and splash combination from FinJuice almost scored three as offense escalated. Finlay fired up and exchanged lariats with Shingo before a Pulp Friction landed; the Prima Nocta followed for the FinJuice win. 

The main event saw Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI badly needing a win of their own, and they started as they intended to go on, with double teams finding their mark on Tanga Loa. Some tandom work on the Guerrillas of Detiny’s part tough, and momentum shifting, Jado helping to put the boots in as YOSHI-HASHI struggled. 

With the OJK from Loa to YOSHI-HASHI continuing to punish the Headhunter, things looked bleak for the CHAOS side until he was able to bring the pace with a neckbreaker to Loa that brought Goto back inside. Goto and Loa went heavy blow for heavy blow before a fired up YOSHI-HASHI brought smooth offense to Tama Tonga, and the assisted Ushigoroshi got two for CHAOS. 

Goto and YOSHI-HASHI looked to follow with their double team GYW, but G.o.D’s double team mastery shone through, Tonga countering spectacularly into Guerrilla Warfare, and then the Magic Killer, but neither move leading to the finish. Instead YOSHI-HASHI rolled through on a Gunstun attempt with the Kinkoji to win.